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Our Vision

MJ Peterson/Tucker Homes' company vision includes not only the construction of elegant, custom-designed homes, but also superior customer service. From the minute a client chooses MJ Peterson/Tucker Homes to build his or her dream house, Tucker aims to please. "We strive to provide service that is beyond the client's expectations," Chris Tucker says.

Satisfaction starts when the customer meets with the building team and discovers the many options available. Dreams quickly become reality, as the in-house designers transform their client's desires into a workable plan. In this and in all stages of the home building process, customer input is paramount. Once the plans are finalized, construction begins.

Throughout all phases of the construction process, the MJ Peterson/Tucker team keeps the homeowner apprised of the project's progress and welcomes visits to the site. "It's always a pleasure to show off the expert talents of the subcontractor," he said. "Every detail, every last nail, must meet our stringent standards. I build each home as if I was going to live in it."

In about three to four months from the time that ground is broken, the home is ready for occupancy. "Even after the buyer moves in, we're available for final tweaks."

Tom Praechtl, Vice President of Sales and Operations for MJ Peterson/Tucker Homes, sees that workmanship first-hand every day. "Chris starts his day at 5:00 a.m. and talks to every subcontractor, checks for any flaws or nicks and is hands-on in every respect," said Praechtl. He also noted that MJ Peterson's strong name and reputation offer a great support system and ultimately benefit the consumer. "We don't buy in volume like big builders do. Without a lot of overhead, we can pass great pricing along to our clients," said Praechtl, whose responsibilities involve designing, planning and pricing for MJ Peterson/Tucker Homes.

Peterson credits his company's high standards, along with Tucker's reputation, as the hallmarks of a firm that still works with subcontractors, financial institutions and trade professionals from the 1980s and 1990s.

"MJ Peterson/Tucker Homes was co-founded on integrity," said Peterson, whose company includes a number of entities and partnerships. "I'm proud to say that when you have a handshake deal with us, it is gold. Chris lives and works in that same way, too."

Chris Tucker and Pete Peterson have a well-defined vision. They envision their company continuing to prosper amid the Western New York Landscape while doing what Tucker loves best: building homes and making the American dream come true in every corner of the marketplace. "Being a successful home builder has been my lifelong pursuit," he said. "Every day, I challenge myself to do that better and better."